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Sea to Summit - Delta Bowl - Gamelle - Orange

Marque Sea to Summit
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7,90 €


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Voici comment l'éditeur présente ce produit sur son site : 

The Delta Series by Sea to Summit is designed to be the ultimate expedition and/or outdoor dinnerware. Our patented Protex™ hex pattern base reduces surface heat so food and drink are never too hot to handle. The food grade, BPA free Nylon 66 material has an incredible strength to weight ratio. It is impervious to odours and stains and it will not crack in the extreme cold.
The lightweight Delta Bowl features Sea to Summit’s unique hex pattern base, which reduces weight and dissipates heat. The thumb grip keeps your fingers out of your food and also doubles as a carabiner hang loop. Specifically designed with steep sidewalls to keep food and liquids from slopping over the edge and making it easy to load your spoon with that last morsel of food.
The Delta Bowl and the Delta Plate feature thumb grips with carabiner hang loops for
storage and steep sides to make capturing the last morsel of food even easier.

(source : Sea to Summit)

Une gamelle orange en base protexTM de 800 mL. Elle pèse 78g. 

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