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Emons Verlag - Guide en anglais - 111 Rooftops in New York That You Must Not Miss

Auteur Leslie Adatto
Edition, collection Emons Verlag
Destination USA
Pays, Région, Ville USA - New York
Type d'ouvrage Guide
Votre voyage Court séjour en ville, Découverte culturelle / Tourisme
Date de publication 13 mars 2019
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Voici commande l'éditeur présente ce guide sur son site :

The ultimate insider's guide to New York's rooftops. Features interesting and unusual places not found in traditional travel guidesPart of the international 111 Places/111 Shops series with over 250 titles and 1.5 million copies in print worldwide. Appeals to both the local market (more than 20 million people call New York City home) and the tourist market (more than 60.5 million people visit New York City every year!) Fully illustrated with 111 full-page colour photographsNew York City is world-renowned for its skyline, and perched atop its lofty heights is a feast of breathtaking rooftop destinations for every taste and imagination.

111 Rooftops in New York City That You Must Not Miss is the ultimate guide to an urban treasure trove of gems in the sky. It will guide you throughout the city's five boroughs to rooftop bars and restaurants, urban farms, sports, cultural events, classes, green roofs, parks, and, of course, spectacular views from above. Rooftops are the final frontier for urban explorers.

This complete guide showcases a dazzling array of surprising rooftop escapes in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx. Once associated with privilege and exclusivity, the city's highest points are now accessible to anyone with a sense of adventure. 111 Rooftops in New York City That You Must Not Miss is packed with sumptuous photos and brimming with handy insights into the nuance, atmosphere, and clientele of each place, as well as practical information, from hours of operation to the closest subway stop.

(Présentation de l'éditeur)

New York et ses Rooftops, le fantasme du voyageur en quête de panoramas et de lieux tendances. Ce guide (en anglais) permet de chasser ses belles adresses

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