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Lonely Planet - Beau livre (en anglais) - America's national parks for kids

Auteur Ward Alexa, Lowery Mike
Edition, collection Lonely Planet
Destination USA
Pays, Région, Ville USA, USA - Parcs nationaux
Type d'ouvrage Beau livre / Récit / Roman / Carnet de voyage
Votre voyage Découverte culturelle / Tourisme, Voyage avec des enfants, Voyage immobile (récits, romans...)
Date de publication 25 avr. 2019
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From Acadia's seaside cliffs and coves to Zion's enchanting red valleys, take a journey through the United States' most spectacular and exciting landscapes with America's National Parks from Lonely Planet Kids. With awesome facts, photos and illustrations on every page, you'll discover
erupting geysers, exploding volcanoes, howling wolves, soaring eagles, mountains, glaciers, rainforests and more throughout the continental USA, Hawaii, American Samoa and the US Virgin Islands. America's national parks are bursting with gasp-worthy wonders: the world's largest
tree with branches stretching 400 feet into the sky; the planet's grandest canyon 6,000 feet deep; a crystal-clear lake deeper than the Empire State Building. Meet the animals roaming each park, including gators, bison, gray wolves, spotted salamanders, great horned owls, bald eagles and
grizzly bears, and find out the best activities, like snorkelling, white-water rafting, hiking, winter sports, exploring ghost towns and geyser watching.
A beautiful gift title for children exploring America’s 59 stunning National Parks. Each park will have two to three full spreads devoted to it, showcasing things to do and things to see, amazing animals and plants to look out for, and incredible facts and stories about the park and its history.
(Présentation de l'éditeur)
Un livre qui correspond à une réelle demande : présenter les parcs américains aux enfants. Il faut juste que vos enfants parlent anglais ! (ou que vous le leur traduisiez)

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