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Luster Publisher - Guide en anglais - New York City guide for instagrammers

Auteur Sylvie BONNE
Edition, collection Luster Publishing
Destination USA
Pays, Région, Ville USA - New York
Type d'ouvrage Guide
Votre voyage Court séjour en ville, Découverte culturelle / Tourisme, Voyage individuel / Sac à dos
Date de publication 24 oct. 2018
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Voici comment l'éditeur présente ce guide sur son site :

Belgian photographer Silvie Bonne lives in New York with her husband and son. Every day she sets out to explore the concrete jungle, armed with a Nikon camera and her iPhone. In her NYC guide Silvie presents 100 scenic, impressive and above all very ‘Instagrammable’ spots in New York. Some are classics you can’t afford to miss, but most of the places in this guide are hidden gems only locals know about, and relatively new landmarks on the verge of becoming some of New York’s favourite attractions. The eyecatchers in this book are of course the original Instagram images made by Silvie. They make you want to visit New York but above all they inspire you to go out and take great pictures of a fine spot yourself. Every Instagram hotspot in this book is accompanied by a fascinating background story, some fun facts, and practical information. Throughout the book, photographer Silvie Bonne also offers expert tips and tricks on how to make pictures that are sure to become Instagram hits. A must-read for anyone who’s looking for Instagram inspiration and tips but also an informative and up-todate guide for visitors who want to explore a different, trendy side of New York.

(Source Luster Publisher)

Suivre les pas de l'auteure dans New York, se sentier inspiré par ses photos, ses choix d'adresses. L'idée est intéressante mais ce guide doit être complété avec un support plus "pratique" afin de vivre l'expérience New-yorkaise pleinement

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