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Moon Travel Guides - Guide en anglais - Patagonia

Auteur Wayne Bernhardson
Edition, collection Moon Travel Guides
Destination Argentine, Chili
Pays, Région, Ville Argentine - Patagonie & Terre de Feu, Chili - Patagonie & Terre de Feu, Patagonie
Type d'ouvrage Guide
Votre voyage Découverte culturelle / Tourisme, Voyage individuel / Sac à dos
Date de publication 1 nov. 2017
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Voici comment l'éditeur présente ce guide sur son site :

Patagonia’s staggering landscapes, titanic glaciers, and rugged mountains evoke mystery and inspire self-discovery. Explore the ends of the earth with Moon Patagonia.

What You’ll Find in Moon Patagonia:

Expert author and world traveler Wayne Bernhardson shares his perspective on his favorite place on earth
Full-color guidebook with vibrant, helpful photos
Detailed directions and maps for getting around and exploring on your own
Strategic itineraries, including The Best of Patagonia, Wildlife Encounters, Explore the Natural World, Glacier Gazing, and Classic Patagonia Road Trips
Activities and ideas for every traveler: Hike the glacier of Perito Moreno National Park, or glimpse Patagonia’s pre-Colombian past at Cueva de las Manos. See penguins and marine mammals off the coast of the Falkland Islands, or visit Chile’s lakes district, home to the Mapuche people. Savor authentic asado at a local ranch, and go horseback riding through the Torres mountains. Sample seafood in Santiago, or take in tango in Buenos Aires
In-depth coverage for Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Northern Argentine Patagonia, The Chilean Lakes District, Aisén and Continental Chiloé, Southern Argentine Patagonia, Magallanes, Argentine Tierra del Fuego, and the Falkland Islands
Accurate information, including background on the landscape, culture, history, and environment
Handy tools such as travel tips and safety information in an easy-to-navigate format, all packaged in a book light enough to fit in your daypack
With Moon Patagonia‘s practical tips, myriad activities, and an insider’s view on the best things to do and see, you can plan your trip your way.

(Source Moon travel guide)

Excellent guide pratique pour la Patagonie. Tout en anglais, certes, mais efficace sur place . Très complet

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