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Cicerone - Guide de randonnées (en anglais) - Walking on the Azores (70 routes across Sao Miguel, Santa Maria, Terceira, Graciosa, Sao Jorge, Pico, Faial, Flores and Corvo - Randonnées aux Açores)

Edition, collection Cicerone Editions
Destination Açores
Pays, Région, Ville Açores
Type d'ouvrage Guide de randonnées (pied, Vélo...)
Votre voyage A pied, Découverte culturelle / Tourisme
Date de publication 21 nov. 2019
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Voici comment l'éditeur présente ce guide sur son site :

Guidebook to 70 walks on the Azores, a remote archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean. Most of the walks are easy or moderate, with a few graded difficult. The selection is spread across all nine islands, offering much variety, from easy village-to-village walks to remote and mountainous walks, including Portugal's highest mountain, Pico.
An all-year destination, often warm and sunny but with occasional showers and mist on high ground. Only one mountain sees snow in winter. Bear in mind that high summer is uncomfortably humid.
São Miguel - Ponta Delgada or Furnas; Terceira - Angra or Praia da Vitória; São Jorge - Velas or Caleta; Pico - Madalena or São Roque; Santa Maria - Vila do Porto; Graciosa - Santa Cruz; Faial - Horta; Flores - Fajã Grande; Corvo - Vila do Corvo
Most routes are easy or moderate, but a few walks are difficult. There is a spread of routes from short and easy walks to longer, steeper and more rugged ones. Apart from waterproofs for rainy days, no special equipment is needed. However, Portugal's highest mountain can bear snow in winter, requiring ice-axe and crampons.
Must See
Splendid volcanic landforms, lake-filled craters, geothermal areas, rugged coast, waterfalls, Portugal's highest mountain, historic interest and heritage features

A comprehensive guide to walking in the Portuguese Azores, an archipelago of nine lush green islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. The 70 routes cover the three island groups: the Eastern Group (São Miguel and Santa Maria), Central Group (Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge, Pico and Faial) and Western Group (Flores and Corvo). Routes range from hour-long strolls to full-day outings and most use the islands' network of official waymarked trails, including sections of the multi-day GR1. Also included is an ascent of Pico, the highest mountain on Portuguese territory.

The guidebook gives lots of practical information on travel to the Azores and between the different islands, as well as getting around by public transport. Full route descriptions are accompanied by 1:50,000 map extracts, plus notes on refreshment opportunities and local points of interest.

The routes promise verdant green landscapes and astounding volcanic landforms, taking in forests, rocky slopes, cliff coast and waterfalls as well as a rich built heritage including churches, forts, windmills and harbours. Whether you prefer a single-base trip or an island-hopping adventure, you'll find stunning scenery at every turn. The mild climate makes this an ideal destination for year-round walking.

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70 randonnées sont décrites dans ce guide en anglais sur 9 îles. Largement de quoi vous occuper pour votre séjour aux Açores

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