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O'Brien Press - Guide de randonnées à vélo (en anglais) - Around Ireland on a Bike (Irlande)

Edition, collection O'Brien Press
Destination Irlande
Pays, Région, Ville Irlande
Type d'ouvrage Guide de randonnées (pied, Vélo...)
Votre voyage A vélo, Voyage individuel / Sac à dos
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Why would someone set out on a bicycle tour of Ireland?

Because Ireland is as stunning a country as any you’ll ever visit. There’s the extraordinary light, which adds intensity to everything, making greens and whites appear greener and whiter. It’s all there: moss-covered mountains rising ominously from the mist, bright blue skies over white sandy beaches; the ghostlike ruins of ancient monasteries on misty days...

With picturesque routes and breathtaking landscapes, Ireland is beloved by cyclists in search of an exhilarating yet memorable experience. In Green Tour of Ireland, avid cyclist Paul Benjaminse explores the a route around Ireland from Belfast to Dublin via the most spectacular and scenic routes in the country and offers his expert advice on the best way to see the beautiful parts of Ireland. Includes detailed routes and maps of;

The Burren
Leinster and the Dublin Mountains.

(source : O'Brien Press)

Une proposition d'un itinéraire de cyclotourisme d'un tour d'Irlande de Belfast à Dublin. On retrouve au fur et à mesure les cartes et des informations (en anglais !) touristiques sur les lieux traversés.

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