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Editions Times Books - Atlas - Atlas Compact, Atlas of the World

Edition, collection Times Books
Destination Monde
Pays, Région, Ville Monde
Type d'ouvrage Carte routière / Plan / Atlas
Votre voyage Avant de voyager
Date de publication 4 mars 2021
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Voici comment l'éditeur présente cet atlas sur son site :

Discover new places with authoritative atlases, beautifully designed and packaged A pocket-sized Times World Atlas makes this a perfect little gift. Fully revised and improved to take account of all recent changes from around the world. The whole world is covered with the accuracy and authority for which Times atlases are renowned.

Main features of this atlas include:* Geographical reference section with flags, statistics and facts for the world's states and territories* Statistics and world maps on major geographical themes, including population, climate and the environment* Over 20,000 places mapped Mapping updates include; * Country name changes - Czechia (formerly Czech Republic), Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) and North Macedonia (formerly Macedonia)* Extensive place name changes in New Zealand and Myanmar* Changes to capital cities in Burundi, Chad, Eswatini, Kazakhstan and Kiribati* Railways in France, Motorways in UK, Russia and Ireland, new rail and road bridge across Kerch Strait* Everest height updated to 8,849m / 289,031ft This is a handy reference atlas for home, school or office.

 (Présentation de l'éditeur)

Un atlas mondial contenant cartes physiques, politiques et thématiques.

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