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Lonely Planet - Beau Livre (en anglais) - the perfect shot

Edition, collection Lonely Planet
Destination Monde
Pays, Région, Ville Monde
Type d'ouvrage Beau livre / Récit / Roman / Carnet de voyage
Votre voyage Avant de voyager, Voyage immobile (récits, romans...)
Date de publication 10 déc. 2020
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Revealing the best of Lonely Planet’s travel photography from across the globe, this pictorial does more than display beautiful photographs of classic scenes and locations. Our photographers – in their words – share the backstories of how they got the perfect shot, making this an inspirational and illuminating photography book for every kind of traveller.

Featuring over 200 photographs from renowned photographers such as Philip Lee Harvey and Jonathan Gregson, discover the stories behind what makes a good photo and exactly how each photograph was taken. From off-the-map locations barely touched by tourism to iconic cityscapes and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, be transported on a photographic journey all around the world. From the Temples of Angkor to the enchanting Faroe Islands, no corner of the world will be left unturned.

This must-have pictorial book is a celebration of classic travel photography and the stories behind the images; get inspired to escape.
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De magnifiques photos d'une douzaine de photographes. Pour chaque photographie on retrouve les caracteristiques techniques, le contexte, une anecdote et les commentaires du photographe.

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