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Pop-Up City - City Making in a Fluid World (en anglais)

Auteur Jeroen Beeksman
Destination Monde
Pays, Région, Ville Monde
Type d'ouvrage Beau livre / Récit / Roman / Carnet de voyage
Votre voyage Voyage immobile (récits, romans...)
Date de publication 2 juin 2014
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Why are big brands moving their flagship stores into shipping containers? How come that offices start to look like bars? And why do architects want to design a house on legs these days? Pop-Up City and BIS Publishers present the book Pop-Up City: City-Making in a Fluid World, that tells an inspiring story about the rise of pop-up culture and its impact on cities across the globe.

Flexibilisation is a mega-trend that is radically changing our lives. Life-time jobs are a relic of the past, we travel more and farther than ever before, the number of divorces has reached an all-time high, and we ask ourselves why we ever needed buildings that last for centuries. The world is becoming fluid and, as a result, urbanites, enterprises, and governments are coming up with refreshing solutions in order to deal with a permanent state of change. Based on six years of blogging on for an international audience of millions, authors Jeroen Beekmans and Joop de Boer describe the birth of a new dimension in city-making based on ground-breaking ideas that take pop-up as a starting point, varying from modular hotels and parasite cinemas to urban hacking, rooftop farms, and foldable houses.

Pop-Up City is an eye-opening must-have for urban enthusiasts and professionals working in urbanism, design and marketing, as well as for a larger group of curious companions who are interested in seeing where today’s cities are taking us, and where we are taking our cities.

(source : Pop-Up City)

Un superbe livre, rempli de façons de repenser la ville. Ces innovations, solidaires ou insolites, prouvent ainsi que l'ingéniosité a bien sa place dans l'espace urbain.

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