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Sunflower - Guide de randonnées (en anglais) - Toscane

Edition, collection Sunflower Editions
Destination Italie
Pays, Région, Ville Italie - Toscane
Type d'ouvrage Guide de randonnées (pied, Vélo...)
Votre voyage A pied
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This guide book is designed for visitors walking in Tuscany and touring Tuscany by car. While the region’s historic towns and architectural highlights are often the focal points for these excursions, the role of the Tuscan peasant in creating this glorious landscape is stressed throughout — especially in the wealth of background information about Tuscany’s customs and cuisine, flora, fauna and history — all of them illustrated.

The book should be particularly suitable for those who wish to combine a visit to Florence with seeing the Italian countryside (you’ll need a good city guide for Florence, while this ‘Landscapes’ guide will show you the best of the rural scene.)

Area covered: from the Carrera marble quarries in the northwest down to southern Tuscany, with a particular emphasis on the area round Florence and in the Chianti.
(Présentation de l'éditeur)

Ce guide présente 26 itinéraires de randonnées et 8 circuits en voiture orienté nature et beaux paysages. 

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