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Victionary Publishing - Collection CITIX60 - Guide de Taipei (en anglais)

Edition, collection Viction:ary Publishing
Destination Taiwan
Pays, Région, Ville Taiwan
Type d'ouvrage Guide
Votre voyage Court séjour en ville, Voyage individuel / Sac à dos
Date de publication 30 août 2017
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overing architecture, art spaces, shops and markets, dining and entertainment, CITIx60 Taipei City Guide points you to 60 hangouts endorsed by 60 personalities of the city’s creative scene.

Given its distinctive history, Taiwan presents an interesting hodgepodge of Chinese and Japanese cultures. The legacy constantly posts a thorough influence and engenders a charm unique to its capital. From newfangled cultural programmes to vibrant night markets and characterful cafés, the city’s manifold offerings revive the artistic energies of locals and guests day and night. Whether you’re a thrill seeker or the quiet type, you will always find this foodies’ paradise warm and welcoming, like its people.

All at the forefront of their respective creative fields, from film-making and culinary endeavours to advertising and design, see what featured local ambassadors consider an essential to-do list. Initiated and edited by viction:ary, this pocket-sized guide sports an artistic edge with a city map jacket drawn by Whooli Chen.
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 Une sélection (en anglais !) des meilleures adresses par 60 artistes locaux (Art et design, architecture, cuisine, spectacles, shopping)

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