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Discovery Walking Guides - Walk! Madeira (Guide de randonnée en anglais)

Edition, collection Discovery
Destination Madère
Pays, Région, Ville Madère
Type d'ouvrage Guide de randonnées (pied, Vélo...)
Votre voyage A pied
Date de publication 17 juin 2010
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Bang up to date in 2009 and featuring newly forged trails not found in any other publication, this new edition of Walk! Madeira is a must for all walking enthusiasts contemplating a visit to the island. Madeira has it all, majestic mountains, rugged coastline, ancient forests and a unique levada network. Add to this the substantial investment by the Regional Government to increase the safety, scope and variety of trails; the island has now become a walker's paradise. Walk! Madeira is the first publication to recognize this development and following consultation with and encouragement by the Forestry Service, this new edition has been completely re-written to include all the 'Recommended Trails' designated by the Regional Government, as well as many other spectacular routes across the island. Its new authors Shirley and Mike Whitehead have completely resurveyed and graded every route and, based on their local knowledge as residents of the island, bring readers up to date with the changing face of Madeira. The book provides detailed walk descriptions, over 200 photographs, dedicated map sections from the 6th edition of the Tour & Trail Map, plus lots of information on flora, fauna, places of interest and island culture. Aimed at the independent walker, Walk! Madeira includes a range of walking trails to suit every level of fitness and ability from the very best high altitude challenges to gentle strolls suitable for everyone; the selection including superb mountainous terrain, the enchanting levada network, beautiful coastal routes and exotic forest trails. (Présentation de l'éditeur)

Un super guide de randonnée! Une petite cinquantaine de circuits, des illustrations, de jolie cartes... dommage qu'il soit en anglais.

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